Our data centric approach

Data Integration

Technical and business processes used to gather, synchronize and transform data from disparate sources into valuable information

Data Visualization

Summarize, organize and communicate meaningful information using a variety of interactive graphical representations.

Predictive data

Use statistical techniques, probabilities and data mining to analyze information and to turn it into prediction of future and trends.


Data Management

Data management comprises all the disciplines related to managing data as a valuable resource.


Data centric

Data Integration in Datawarehouse Application

Data integration

Data integration involves combining data from several disparate sources, which are stored using various technologies and provide a unified view of the data. The classic implementation of data integration is building an enterprise's datawarehouse.

For OKTOPUS, conceiving a Datawarehouse is to associate using best practices, a methodology and technology best adapted. The key point is the ability of applying a set of transformations (using an ETL) on various sources, under the control of a Master Data Management (MDM), to fill analytics, dashboards, reporting or any predictive needs .

Data Integration in Business Application

Data integration

Data integration is the key for merging systems or consolidating applications to provide a unified view of the company's data assets. OKTOPUS consulting's experts can help you to tackle your challenges of Migration, Information Integration, or any Enterprise Applications thanks to its expertise on Data Migration skills.


The tranformations done by the ETL/ELT allow an efficient, and reliable exchange of information between systems. Data from any ERP or CRM can be used to feed satellites system (ie. risk, accounting, compliance) that cover specific needs.

Data Visualization

Data visualization makes interpretation easier. As more and more data is collected and analyzed, decision makers at all levels prefer to see analytical results displayed using interactive charts and graphs.


The maturity of our expertise amongst all the technologies of the market will let your data become a competitive advantage instead of an underutilized asset.

Predictive analysis

Data integration

Oktopus' Predictive analysis expertise helps the company to define trends, patterns, forecast or any underlying relationship. We aim to address strategic points of Marketing, Finance and risk challenges by using our know how in data mining, statistics, or what if analysis.  

Big data technologies will be used to add accuracy in the insights.

Data management

In today's dynamic business environment, the use of structured and unstructured data is growing exponentially.


Organizations need to understand this data to make better-informed decisions and maintain their edge in an ever increasingly competitive market.


OKTOPUS Consulting is able to provide expertise in this domain in order to make this data and the information it contains actionable.


We, at OKTOPUS Consulting, are helping companies to achieve their goals by defining and putting in place data centric middleware solutions that cover following aspects :


  • Multi Dimensional Modeling (BI)
  • Information consolidation (ETL/ELT/EAI)
  • Data quality improvment (DQM)
  • Data Virtualization (DV)
  • Data as a service (Data as a service)
  • Master Data Management (MDM)
MDM governance master data management