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Pragmatic approach focused on data
Data Centric Approach

For more than 10 years, OKTOPUS Consulting has been providing Business Intelligence
consultancy, advisory and integration services in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

OKTOPUS Consulting

Business Intelligence evolves,
we embrace those changes

We are enthusiastic and have a genuine desire to share

We are passionate about new technologies

especially information technology !

Business Intelligence

From the sourcing of the datawarehouse to the definition of KPI or Dashboards, our know how is definitly an asset on all parts of your project.

Data Intelligence

Transform your data into information, information into knowledge, and knowledge into value.

Data Virtualization

Stop collecting, start connecting

Data virtualization delivers a simplified, unified, and integrated view of trusted business data in real time or near real time

Professional SEO services

OKTOPUS Consulting

We offer professional IT services for transforming raw data into visually intelligible information and into knowledge.
Our data centric approach bring us to organize our services around 4 data disciples:

Ready to embrace Big Data challenges:
   ■ Leverage data
       (Reporting with Hive, Data
         Intelligence with Apache Spark)
   ■ Data Quality, 
   ■ Gouverance…


Enabling the data self-service is not only about data visualization tools but this is also about semantic layers
  ■  Microsoft SQL Server Tabular Model
  ■  Denodo Virtual Layer
  ■  SAP BusinessObjects universes
  ■  Cognos Workspaces

Select the most appropriate data architecture design pattern according to your  needs:
   ■ Operational Data Store (ODS),
   ■ Data Warehouse,
   ■ Data-marts,
   ■ Multidimensional cubes,
   ■ Data lake,
   ■ Data virtualization,


Recognized for its expertise and its independent mindset, OKTOPUS Consulting is regularly chosen for carrying out audit mission and assistance in choice of tools.
Partnerships help OKTOPUS ensure the highest level of expertise and prescribe innovative solutions appropriate for needs